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Freelance Web Design and Development
by Denis Lindsell BSc

Individual design, hand coded efficient html,
bespoke systems behind the scenes, creating attractive, functional sites

Design @ Spanish-Web

Based on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, offering clean and effective web design for those who want to be found on the web.


Good web design has many aspects. The results need to be attractive, to grab someone's attention, and to get a message across, but there are other considerations.


It is possible to create very attractive web site which may appear to meet the above criteria to the designer or other individual but is also difficult to use by a surprisingly high proportion of the population who may have very slight eyesight related difficulties or who need to use screen reader to synthesize speech. Text or designs that work well in printed form may not work well on the computer screen yet the computer can be very helpful to those with difficulties

Getting Noticed

No tricks involved but as with usability, it is possible, or very easy, to create a web site which is an impressive work of art but struggles to feature in search engine listings due to the way it has been created.

Luckily, design considerations aimed at usability tend also to work well with search engines - but there is a lot more to it than that!
The content and the wording used is important and you don't want this to be diluted unecessary coding (possibly produced by a software package used to create a web page). For this reason, our web sites are hand coded to ensure there is the minimum amount of coding for the search engine to wade through.


Your requirements may not be met by simple static pages. There are likely to be benefits in using scripting to create a more useful experience to the web site visitor or to connect to a database to list relevant information.

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