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Freelance Web Design and Development
by Denis Lindsell BSc

Individual design, hand coded efficient html,
bespoke systems behind the scenes, creating attractive, functional sites

Mapping for your Web Site

Your web site may or may not benefit from the inclusion of maps, a relatively simple location map, or something more sophisticated.
You cannot of course copy any map that you came across due to copyright issues, but we have two options we can use.

In-House Map Drawing

We can draw maps for you. Simple location maps such as those at the bottom of this web page can easily be created.
These maps can be built enabling a visitor to click on a certain area and be taken to an appropriate web page as here.
We can also create maps that pan and zoom, with the page showing information relating to the area of map shown as here.

Google Maps

Google maps can also be embedded into your web page as here. The use of google maps in this way is currently free of charge.

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